Exchanging lies and making promises that were never meant to be kept…

7 12 2014

exchanging lies and making promises that were never meant to be kept..this is ‘modern romance’


by David Halliday

Thomas Garner

7 12 2014

An artist who has attacked art with the weapons of photography. (A little too metaphorical, but if you look at his work you’ll catch my drift.)

Thomas Garner1 Thomas Garner2 Thomas Garner3 Thomas Garner4 Thomas Garner5 Thomas Garner6

Monica Bohlmann

7 12 2014

She uses a lot of texture in her work. It is difficult to get the full affect in a photograph, especially if they are small. Her figures are barren, almost lost in the background which gives them an other-wordly appearance.

Monica Bohlmann1 Monica Bohlmann2 Monica Bohlmann3 Monica Bohlmann4 Monica Bohlmann5 Monica Bohlmann6 Monica Bohlmann7 monica-bohlmann1 monica-bohlmann7

Bobby Crayton’s aunt

7 12 2014

Bobby Crayton's auntby David Halliday

Kaley Rhodes

7 12 2014

The existence of human life. I love this artist’s work. And her breadth of field (I don’t know what that means) is outstanding. Kaley Rhodes

Kaley Rhodes1 Kaley Rhodes2 Kaley Rhodes3 Kaley Rhodes4 Kaley Rhodes5 Kaley Rhodes6 Kaley Rhodes7 kaley-rhodes-newyork-minute-2-the-purple-life