at the club… version two

6 12 2014

at the club..

Claudio Di Carlo

6 12 2014

There is reality. Violence, garbage, the mundane. And then there is the other world. The fantasy. The beautiful young woman. Fashionable. Elegant. Unapproachable and indifferent.

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At the club… version 1

6 12 2014

at the club v1by David Halliday

Pavel Puhov

6 12 2014

Art as truth. As a political statement. This guy takes incredible chances with his art. You don’t see courage like this in the West. Perhaps that’s not completely true. But In an America that is becoming increasingly rigid and single minded, art is seen as frivolous and an unwelcome luxury. Only with the young and the underclasses is art (music) a force for life.Of humor. Of resurrection. But in Putin’s Russia, Pavel Puhov is something of a hero.

PPuhov1 PPuhov2 PPuhov3 PPuhov4

There’s a storm coming. Maybe we should look for some place to honker down.

6 12 2014

There's a storm coming. Maybe we should look for a place to honker David Halliday