Rome, 1937

3 12 2014

Rome, 1937by David Halliday

Matt Wisniewski

3 12 2014

Matt Wisniewski has done a couple of interesting things with his collages. He has eliminated the background. For 2 images. For the portrait he has in some circumstances taken an action shot. Then he has taken a second image an overlaid it on the first. And once again taking away any of the background that would interfere with the power of the initial impression. It has give his work a very surreal affect. His timing is impeccable. And I’m not sure what the word ‘timing’ means in this context. But it seems right.

matt wisniewski 5[3] Matt Wisniewski1 Matt Wisniewski2 Matt Wisniewski3 Matt Wisniewski4 Matt Wisniewski5 Matt Wisniewski8 matt_wisniewski_copy__1_by_natalieborg-d5g2lrwMatt-Wisniewski-02-on-wanken-shelby-white Matt-Wisniewski-03-on-wanken-shelby-white matt-wisniewski6 Matt-Wisniewski-yatzer-7


Jesus, by the side of the road…

3 12 2014

Jesus by the side of the roadby David Halliday