Diane Melfi

2 12 2014

Perhaps these pics are another version of the black velvet paintings. But I’m feeling nostalgic. And I recall all these neon posters in friend’s rooms. During college. That almost glowed in the dark. And of course were drug related. The girls in these pics do seem to vibrate the colours around them. Remind me of one particular girl. Whose skin was as dark as oak marble. And whose teeth shone like snow.

I don’t know if Diana Melfi is particularly talented. But these do grab your attention.

DMelfi1 DMelfi2 DMelfi3 DMelfi4 DMelfi5 DMelfi6

Mattias Adolfsson

2 12 2014

They are like ‘where’s Waldo’ illustrations. Details. Like Van  Eyck. But with humor and devilishness. Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson1 Mattias Adolfsson2 Mattias Adolfsson3 Mattias Adolfsson4 Mattias Adolfsson5 Mattias Adolfsson6 Mattias_Adolfsson_1 mattias-adolfsson-sample-1 Mattias-Adolfsson-Sketchbooks13

Jennier, tell me something that I don’t already know…

2 12 2014

Jennifer, tell me something that I don't knowby David Halliday