James Guppy

30 11 2014

Bizarre and theatrical images.

James Guppy1 James Guppy2 James Guppy3 James Guppy4 James Guppy5 James Guppy6 James Guppy7 James Guppy8 James Guppy9 James-Guppy-1 James-Guppy2 jamesguppy10 james-guppy-482x298 James-Guppy-2012

Andy Kehoe

30 11 2014

I don’t know if they are brothers. Andy Kehoe and Ben Kehoe. Of course they could be the same artist. Like Vincent and Van Gogh. They are both amusing. In an offbeat and satirical way. Even their mother can’t tell them apart. Unless they have 2 mothers. Andy’s work does remind me of the Canadian north. And that great hero, Dudley Do-right. Of the Mounties.

AKehoe1 AKehoe2 AKehoe3 AKehoe4 AKehoe5 AKehoe6

drinking gasoline to get over you…

30 11 2014

drinking gasoline to get over youby David Halliday


It wasn’t an apple that Eve tempted Adam with. It was bowling.