David Brayne

25 11 2014

There is something so ethereal about Brayne’s work. Like his work is about ghosts. Memories. Events that have passed by. Quietly.

David Brayne (4) David Brayne (16) David Brayne (20) David Brayne (21) David Brayne5 David Brayne8 David Brayne9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA David_Brayne2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA david-brayne6

higher education

25 11 2014

Higher Educationby David Halliday


A lot of education is propaganda, that is a culture/society’s need to pat itself on the back.


henri rousseau

25 11 2014

The first time I saw Henri Rousseau’s work, I never recovered. It is a joy to visually walk through his work.

henri rousseau1 henri rousseau2 henri rousseau3 henri rousseau4 henri rousseau5 henri rousseau6 henri rousseau7 Henri Rousseau-366769 Henri Rousseau-767566 Henri_Rousseau_-_Il_sogno henri-rousseau-family-fishing-78741 henri-rousseau-landscape-with-bridge henri-rousseau-the-boat-in-the-storm-83377 henri-rousseau-the-representatives-of-foreign-powers-coming-to-greet-the-republic-as-a-sign-of-peace

Marilene Sawaf

25 11 2014

In her figure paintings she is influenced by the vibrant colors and stained glass effects of Medieval art, the stylized designs of Oriental carpets and the intricate patterns of Indian and Iranian manuscripts and tapestries.
In her landscapes she tries to capture the richness of colors of the New England landscape.

I was trying to imagine these paintings in a room painted white. They must be quite brilliant. The patterns and colours. They reflect a period of time, that perhaps never existed, a kind of nostalgia for a paradise in our mythic past. Moments of silence and prayer, I would think.

Marilene Sawaf1 Marilene Sawaf2 Marilene Sawaf3 Marilene Sawaf4 Marilene Sawaf5 Marilene Sawaf6 Marilene Sawaf7 Marilene Sawaf8 Marilene Sawaf9 Marilene Sawaf11


for a moment she was beautiful

25 11 2014

for a moment she was beautifulby David Halliday