you could smell the flesh and the snow

23 11 2014

you could smell the flesh and the David Halliday

Mike Worroll

23 11 2014

His work is interesting. Fun. And unexpected. He obviously knows the history of art, especially surrealism and uses to entertaining effect.

mike worrall - (19) Mike Worroll1 Mike Worroll3 Mike Worroll4 Mike Worroll5 Mike Worroll6 Mike Worroll7 Mike Worroll8 Mike Worroll9 Mike Worroll10 Mike Worroll11 mike_worrall2

Jeremy Mann

23 11 2014

Perhaps its comfort art. I always feel safe on wet evenings in the city. And the pasty affect of muted colours in this urban landscape seems very close to the actual experience.  Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann1 Jeremy Mann2 Jeremy Mann3 Jeremy Mann4 Jeremy Mann5 Jeremy Mann6 Jeremy Mann7 Jeremy Mann8 Jeremy Mann9 Jeremy Mann11 Jeremy Mann12

she was born out of sorts

23 11 2014

she was born out of David Halliday

patient in 1229

23 11 2014

Patient in 1229by David Halliday