alex alemany

22 11 2014

I like this artist’s work but I find it can be like sugar. A little too much and its Swedish.

Alex Alemany  (9) Alex Alemany - Tutt'Art@ (6) Alex Alemany - Tutt'Art@ (45) alex alemany artworks alex alemany2 alex alemany3 alex alemany4 alex alemany6 alex-alemany-1-1362931871_b Alex-Alemany-44 alex-alemany-artwork1

mommy and daddy are fighting again

22 11 2014

mommy and daddy are fighting againby David Halliday

Robert Carlos Clarke

22 11 2014

Robert Carlos Clarke stepped in front of a train. I have found his images disturbing. But are they coloured by his death? There are many disturbing images in the arts. I have created a few myself. And I’m sure that there is some writer of Hallmark Cards who has put the barrel of a 45 in his mouth. And emptied out his head. I have theorized in the past that it is only minor artists whose work reflects their mental state. That great artists can reflect any mood, atmosphere, idea no matter their disposition.

RCClarke1 RCClarke2 RCClarke3 RCClarke4 RCClarke5 RCClarke6 RCClarke7 RCClarke8

killing in a back lane

22 11 2014

killing in a back laneby David Halliday

Hermann Pohle

22 11 2014

As art, Pohle’s work and those who paint like him, doesn’t do much for me. But if you look closer you see a ton of information. The landscapes at the time, the roads, fields, towns. The way people dressed, what they did for a living. And the charms of rural life.

Hermann Pohle3 Hermann Pohle4 Hermann Pohle5 Hermann Pohle6 Hermann Pohle7 Hermann Pohle8 Hermann Pohle9 Hermann Pohle11 Hermann_Pohle_Ansicht_von_Bürglen_1876 Hermann_Pohle_Bewaldete_Landschaft_mit_Pferdekarren

An L.A. rain

22 11 2014

An L.A rainby David Halliday