the man who faded from love

21 11 2014

the man who faded from loveby David Halliday

Daniel Maclise

21 11 2014

Maclise’s work is like a soap opera on afternoon television. Faces are melodramatic. Each painting has dozen’s of stories. All of it taking place in a particular moment. The paintings are all quite unbelievable. Like a collage of all your family members who ever existed at Christmas dinner.

daniel maclise1 daniel maclise2 daniel maclise3 HRT67769 daniel maclise5 daniel maclise6 Copyright Laing Art Gallery / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation Daniel_Maclise_-_A_Scene_from_'Undine'_(detail)_-_WGA13807 Daniel_Maclise_-_The_Death_of_Nelson_-_Google_Art_Project

the lonely housewife

21 11 2014

The lonely David Halliday

Erik Thor Sandberg

21 11 2014

Its like work right out of the Flemish middle ages. Bosch and Brueghel. And its fun.

Erik Thor Sandberg2 Erik Thor Sandberg3 Erik Thor Sandberg4 Erik Thor Sandberg5 Erik Thor Sandberg6 Erik Thor Sandberg7 Erik Thor Sandberg8 Erik Thor Sandberg9 Erik-Thor-Sandberg_web21 ErikThorSandberg03

Leo Patzelt

21 11 2014

Look at where you are standing. Then the horizon. It as if the pieces were stamped out on the same machine. They are Dali like. And they are lovely to look at. But they are always giving you the same view. Its like a roast in your oven. From your vantage point standing outside the oven it looks the same as a turkey.

Leo Patzelt. 450 degrees for 70 minutes.

LPatzelt1 LPatzelt2 LPatzelt3 LPatzelt4 LPatzelt5 LPatzelt6Leo Patzelt1 Leo Patzelt2 Leo Patzelt3 Leo Patzelt4


fire in the garden

21 11 2014

fire in the gardenby David Halliday