a life that didn’t happen

18 11 2014

a life that didn't happen..by David Halliday

Bruno DiMaio

18 11 2014

Reaching back into the history of art to redo it. Pretty interesting work. Obviously skilled. I’m not sure how much is tongue in cheek.

Bruno Di Maio - Tutt'Art@ (5) Bruno di Maio 3 bruno di maio 622 bruno di maio 666 BRUNO DI MAIO RETRATO Bruno DiMaio1 Bruno DiMaio2 Bruno DiMaio3 Bruno DiMaio6

the living room

18 11 2014

the living roomby David Halliday

Kevin Sloan

18 11 2014

Why do I think Sloane’s work is tongue in cheek? It reminds me of naturalist paintings. Turned upside up. Allegorical. It is an assault on cuteness and the expected.

Kevin Sloan1 Kevin Sloan2 Kevin Sloan3 Kevin Sloan4 Kevin Sloan5 Kevin Sloan6 Kevin Sloan7 Kevin Sloan8 Kevin Sloan9 Kevin Sloan11