Royalty in the 21st Century

17 11 2014

Royalty in the 21st Centuryby David Halliday

Charles Sheldon

17 11 2014

Charles Sheldon was a prolific and gifted early 1900’s American Illustrator who specialized in “pretty woman” themed cover portraiture and advertising in the Art Nouveau and Edwardian styles. After studying at the Art Students League, he went to Paris to study under the legendary Alphonse Mucha. He returned to America and set up a studio at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

He illustrated and photographed beautiful women as created by Hollywood. He became part of the “Star Machine”.

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Roman nonsense

17 11 2014

Roman nonsenseby David Halliday

Angelo Musco

17 11 2014

The gift of sight. If you were looking in from another dimension. What would you see? What does God see? Not individuals. Patterns. Universal patterns.  Angelo Musco’s work is enthralling. He sees something. Like he first time you found an bird’s nest. Where did the bird get the blueprint? And eddy. Undertows. Bee hives. The movement of stars. The rush hour. Tax forms. The net. Fascinating. And nauseous. For us who get car sick.

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