I did not push her…

13 11 2014

I did not push her..by David Halliday

Rosa Sepple

13 11 2014

What a delightful discovery. Whimsy. Fun. Naive wonder. Rosa Sepple.

Rosa Sepple On Golden Pond 38x25.4cm rosa sepple2 rosa sepple3 rosa sepple4 Rosa Sepple16 Rosa Sepple21 Rosa Sepple42 rosa_sepple_header_sm Rosa-Sepple-123 Rosa-Sepple-8270HQ-Sweet-Dreams Rosa-Sepple-8828HQ-The-Cat-on-the-Couch Rosa-Sepple-9651-Red-Stilettos-hq Rosa-Sepple-10740-Nice-Cup-of-Tea RosaSepple-NightOfPassion

Sasa Marjanovic

13 11 2014

Sasa Marjanovic So many faces look haunted. On the verge of fear. Something has happened.

sasa Marjanovic1 sasa Marjanovic2 sasa Marjanovic3 sasa Marjanovic4 sasa Marjanovic5 sasa Marjanovic6 Sasa-Marjanovic-Amos-2011-3D-work-glass-charcoal-acrylic-pastel-Inox-box-50x50x10cm-
paper-30x30cm-6100€-547x550 Sasa-Marjanovic-Wednesday-2011-3D-work-glass-charcoal-acrylic-pastel-wooden-box-50x50x10cm-


hell is coming for breakfast…

13 11 2014

Hell is coming for breakfast..by David Halliday