Nicoletta Tomas Caravia

12 11 2014

I’ve never seen an artist so preoccupied with ‘the embrace’. She balances between art, the pornographic, and sentimentality.

Nicoletta Tomas Caravia. 8 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia2 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia3 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia6 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia7 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia10 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia11 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia13 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia14 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia-ImpressioniArtistiche-3 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia-ImpressioniArtistiche-16



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9 05 2017
David Halliday

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