Chevco Leidmann

11 11 2014

Cheyco Leidmann Is in the game of mythologizing. The women. Their clothes. The colours. The beautiful violence. All comes out of the culture of south Florida. From Miami Vice to CSI Miami,  Scarface and his little friend. The same palette is used. It is lush muted pastels. God, what a place to die. And always the young. Although there must be seniors keeling over every day. And it can’t be a coincidence that this exhibition is in Paris. The French love American culture.

Perhaps someone will say that the art is a critical review of American culture. No. The man who creates this kind of beautiful work. He is enthralled. In love.

CLeidmann1 CLeidmann2 CLeidmann3 CLeidmann4 CLeidmann5 CLeidmann6 CLeidmann7



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