Georges Hugnet

4 11 2014

Georges Hugnet was a French poet, writer, artist, art historian, graphic artist, and film director. He was a figure in the Dada movement and Surrealism.

GeorgesHugnet1 GeorgesHugnet2 GeorgesHugnet3 GeorgesHugnet4 GeorgesHugnet5 GeorgesHugnet6 GeorgesHugnet7 GeorgesHugnet8 GeorgesHugnet9


At the corner of Wonder and Suicide

4 11 2014

At the corner of Wonder and Suicideby David Halliday

At one time or another…

4 11 2014

At one time or David Halliday

Florin Ion Firimiţã

4 11 2014

This artist is like a small industry. He is writer, artist, musician. He’s had a movie made about his life. And I like his work. There are a lot of ideas in it. Visual ideas that are always fun. From the little I read, his writing seems to be filled with the same sensitivity. This is a man of great introspection.

Florin Ion Firimiţã1 Florin Ion Firimiţã2 Florin Ion Firimiţã3 Florin Ion Firimiţã4 Florin Ion Firimiţã5

FlorinFirimita2 FlorinIFirimita1 FlorinIonFirimita3 FlorinIonFirimita4 FlorinIonFirimita5 FlorinIonFirimita6 FlorinIonFirimita7

a sunny afternoon in the 6 Points

4 11 2014

A sunny afternoon in the Six Pointswhimsy….


by David Halliday