Georges Dambier

2 11 2014

Georges Dambier was 20 when the Second World War came to an end, a moment when the social scene in Paris suddenly took off. Nightlife, subdued during the Occupation, exploded. Le Bœuf sur le toit, Le Lido, la Rose Rouge, Le Lorientais, Le Tabou : he frequented cabarets and jazz clubs in Saint Germain des Prés, where famous artists and celebrities organised glittering parties and balls. One night, he managed to take pictures of Rita Hayworth who had come incognito to a famous night club, Le Jimmy’s. He sold the exclusive images to France Dimanche, a daily magazine recently created by Max Corre and Pierre Lazareff, and won himself a job on the magazine as a photo-reporter. In his new post, he was sent to all over the world to cover current events. However, with his predilection for graphic design and aesthetics, his liking for refined mise-en-scene, and at the urging of many friends, such as Capucine, Suzy Parker, Jacques Fath, Bettina, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Barthet, he was lead towards fashion photography.

Georges Dambier1 Georges Dambier2 Georges Dambier3 Georges Dambier4 Georges Dambier5 Georges Dambier6 Georges Dambier7 Georges Dambier8 GeorgesDambierBardotBaja



One response

22 01 2021
Guillaume Dambier

Dear Mister just a word about your post about Georges Dambier there is two photos that my father didn’t made.
The first one is the girl with the éléphants.
It’s a great photo but it’s Richard Avedon who did it “Dovima and the éléphants”
The other one is the photo with an old lady watching a young lady reading a news paper this photo was made by Henri Cartier Bresson but the funny thing is that the young lady was the wife of Georges Dambier Chantal my mother.
Any way thank for you post.
Guillaume Dambier

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