jakub rozalski

26 10 2014

Hamburg-based Jakub Rozalski is a talented artist, using digital design software for composing digital paintings. Playing to perfection on the perspectives and concepts of proportion, a selection of these science-fiction style works is to be discovered in the article.

They are fascinating. Using paintings as part of collages has been around a long time but in Rozalski’s work the collage becomes a new painting, giving the work a bizarre sci-fi look.

Jakub-Rozalski-2 jakub-rozalski-1920-supply1 Jakub-Różalski-toxic-pools Jakub-Różalski-twoaxes-warrior jakub-rozalski-workworkwork-recovered1-20new1-small Jakup Rozalski1 Jakup Rozalski2 Jakup Rozalski3 Jakup Rozalski4 Jakup Rozalski5 Jakup Rozalski6



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