here comes the sun….

22 10 2014

here comes the sunby David Halliday

Merve Morkoc

22 10 2014

This artist is from Turkey. And that’s what I know. I think I have a picture of her in front of one of her pieces. Which means that she looks like she’s in her mid 20s. She has a distinctive style. Like a signature. The work itself is hard to nail down. It has collage like visual ideas. But they are painted. Her work contrasts innocence and a kind of violence. Or at least things that seem out of sync. I don’t know enough about Turkey to know if this reflects a social conflict in that society or if these conflicts are of a more personal type.

She has a blog.

‘Merve Morkoç, also known by her pseudonym Lakormis, is attempting to break these barriers by creating street art across Istanbul while also entering the gallery environment with exhibitions at the Milk gallery and Galerist. Her work ranges from themes of dreams and gore, while her style represents contrasts and often mirrors the macabre, unknown and sometimes frightening.’

Merve Morkoc1 Merve Morkoc2 Merve Morkoc3 Merve Morkoc4 Merve Morkoc5 Merve Morkoc6 Merve Morkoc7 merve_morkoc_yazi_01 merve-morkoc3a7-surface-and-surface merve-morkoc4

hell has its own reasons…

22 10 2014

hell has its own reasonsv2by David Halliday