you’re either coming up or you’re going down

18 10 2014

you're either coming up or you're going downby David Halliday

Blair Whiteford

18 10 2014

Blair Whiteford‘s slash and burn painting is exhilarating. Its as if everything is being ravaged by some unseen force. Memory? Time?

Blair Whiteford 1 Blair Whiteford 2 Blair Whiteford 3 Blair Whiteford 4 Blair Whiteford5 Blair Whiteford6 Blair Whiteford7 Blair Whiteford8

you know I could just throw you off the balcony… ya right…

18 10 2014

ya know I could just throw you David Halliday


Gloria Vilches

18 10 2014

What great fun. Gloria Vilches’ pieces are filled with amusing slants at life. Great visual ideas. In short she is fun.

GloriaVilches1 GloriaVilches2 GloriaVilches3 GloriaVilches4 GloriaVilches5 GloriaVilches6 GloriaVilches7 GloriaVilches8 GloriaVilches9

…take the last train to Clarksville…

18 10 2014

Take the last train to Clarksville1..

Benjamin Garcia

18 10 2014

Love Benjamin Garcia’s work. Dealing with both space and time. Events are always a blur. Stories inside stories.

BENJAMIN GARCIA 2 Benjamin Garcia3 Benjamin Garcia4 Benjamin Garcia5 Benjamin Garcia6 Benjamin Garcia7 Benjamin Garcia9 Benjamin Garcia11 Benjamin-Garcia_Web1 Benjamin-Garcia-04 benjamin-garcia-05

…my guard stood hard when abstract threats…

18 10 2014

My guard stood hard with abstract David Halliday

down the trail of aching hearts…

18 10 2014

down the trail of aching heartsby David Halliday