David 2014

17 10 2014

David 2014by David Halliday

Ikeda Manabu

17 10 2014

The details give me a headache. Like much work of this nature, you have to see the original. And probably then you would have to spend a considerable amount of time viewing it. It does remind me a bit of ‘where’s Waldo?’ Still you have to be impressed with the skill and draughtmanship.

Ikeda Manabu2 Ikeda Manabu3 Ikeda Manabu4 Ikeda Manabu5 Ikeda Manabu6 Ikeda Manabu7 Ikeda Manabu8 ikeda-manabu-5 ikeda-manabu-500x350

Dancing with tears in my eyes

17 10 2014

Dancing with tears in my eyesThe wife of a close friend of Leadbelly had a nervous breakdown. She was comatose, would not react to anything. So Leadbelly belly wrote a song for her called, Dancing with tears in my eyes. It brought her back to the world.


by David Halliday.


Adrian Kenyon

17 10 2014

The first thing  you noticed about Kenyon’s work is the incredible detail. It has all that detail you expect in a Brueghel or Bosch. Or perhaps Van Eyck. The second thing is his politics. His views on war, the environment, modern Western culture are quite obvious. The two impressions work against each other on the net. Because of the limited size of the monitor screen you cannot appreciate the impression these works would have in a gallery.

Kenyon1 Kenyon2 Kenyon3 Kenyon4 Kenyon5 Kenyon6

Beethoven of the bathroom

17 10 2014

Beethoven of the bathroomv2by David Halliday