Victor Genova’s Resort Spa of Better Health Through Better Living

15 10 2014

Victor Genova Resort David Halliday

the longing of the self

15 10 2014

the longing of the selfby David Halliday

Magdalena Lamri

15 10 2014

Magdalena Lamri. This is a very courageous artist. Her work is graffic, almost ugly. But so damn interesting.

Magdalena Lamri 28 Magdalena Lamri1 Magdalena Lamri2 Magdalena Lamri3 Magdalena Lamri4 Magdalena Lamri5 Magdalena-Lamri_web1 Magdalena-Lamri-Giovane-pittrice-francese3-e1353968405762 Magdalena-Lamri-site-web-I