Irene in Paris

7 10 2014

Irene in ParisA woman I never loved but with whom I could have had a wonderful life.


by David Halliday

Orestes Bouzon

7 10 2014

So much of his work reminds me of Holy cards we had as a kid celebrating the lives of the saints but especially the Holy Family. His images have the same lively and bright colours and the same stoned look on the faces of the models.

Orestes Bouzon  90 Orestes Bouzon1 Orestes Bouzon2 Orestes Bouzon3 Orestes Bouzon4 Orestes Bouzon5 Orestes Bouzon6 Orestes Bouzon8

I’m so fuck’d up, Tony…

7 10 2014

I'm so fuck'd up, TonyDavid Halliday

I love a beach

7 10 2014

I love a beachby David Halliday

john lopez

7 10 2014

I can’t help myself. I normally don’t like sculpture but this work wipes me out. Anyone of them would look so surreal in a meadow. john lopez

john lopez1 john lopez2 john lopez3 john lopez4 john lopez5 john lopez6 john lopez7 john lopez8