Read my ticket. punch my words out…

31 10 2014

Read my ticket. Punch my words outthis type of hardness, toughness about life breaks me up. Sinatra made a career out of it. Now you hear it in truck commercials.


by David Halliday

Robert McGinnis

31 10 2014

Robert McGinnis (born February 3, 1926)[1] is an American artist and illustrator. McGinnis is known for his illustrations of more than 1,200 paperback book covers,[2] and over 40 movie posters, including Breakfast at Tiffanys (his first film poster assignment),[3]Barbarella, and several James Bond and Matt Helm films.[4]

A lot of his work is very commercial. Cheesy to tell you the truth. But you’ve got to tip your hat to anyone who manages to make a living in any avenue of art.

Robert McGinnis 1926 Robert McGinnis2 Robert McGinnis3 Robert McGinnis4 Robert McGinnis5 Robert McGinnis6 Robert McGinnis7 Robert McGinnis8 Robert McGinnis9 Robert McGinnis10 Robert McGinnis11 robert-mcginnis-1362797311_b

now what!

31 10 2014

now whatby David Halliday

Launch of the first world bum, 1912

30 10 2014

Launch of the first world bum, 1912

Jorg Immendorff

30 10 2014

A lot of Jorg Immendorff’s work looks like it is on fire. I get the impression of a man who wants to be in the present. To create an urgency in a medium which by its nature is static. He wants to say something.

I think it is this passion that makes Immendorff create paintings that have a collage affect. Like the generation of posters hanging on walls. Some partly torn off, some almost completely covered, some glorifying in their complete newness.

Immendorff_01 Immendorff_02 Immendorff_03 Immendorff_04 Immendorff_05 Immendorff_06

Besame mucho

30 10 2014

Besame Muchoby David Halliday

and you tell me over and over and over again…

30 10 2014

and you tell me over and over and over againby David Halliday