Victor, the slayer of giants

30 09 2014

Victor the slayer of giantshe was my friend until he ate my cat…


by David Halliday

Lee Harvey Roswell

30 09 2014

Lee Harvey Roswell. Read his name and you get an idea where he is coming from. This is Dali in the 21st century. The court jester. His works are exuberant. His mind is like a scrap heap of visual images. Craftsmanship and imagination. What a combination.

LeeHarveyRoswell1 LeeHarveyRoswell2 LeeHarveyRoswell3 LeeHarveyRoswell4 LeeHarveyRoswell5 LeeHarveyRoswell6 LeeHarveyRoswell7

the trouble with hats

30 09 2014

the trouble with hats