a real vacation

30 08 2014

A real vacationby David Halliday

Jacub Wojewoda

30 08 2014

Jacub is basically a photographer. But some of his work has the quality of collages. In his case he stages his photos. But they are arresting

Jacub Wojewoda5 Jacub Wojewoda6 Jacub Wojewoda7 Jacub Wojewoda8jakub_wojewoda1 jakub_wojewoda2 jakub_wojewoda3 jakub-wojewoda-c2a0

the loneliness of Mary

30 08 2014

the loneliness of Mary

Agita Keiri

30 08 2014

Paintings beautifully rendered. Versions of classic works. But everyone has had too much coffee. I love them. Remind me of life at Starbucks.

Agita Keiri (8) Agita Keiri (22) Agita Keiri 6 agita keiri1 agita keiri2 agita keiri3 agita keiri4 agita keiri5 agita keiri7 agita keiri11

tea in the garden

30 08 2014

Tea in the gardenso civilized


by David Halliday