Rise of the suburbs…

21 08 2014

Rise of the suburbs

Someone should do an analysis of the suburbs as a cultural phenom


by David Halliday

John Alexander Scott Coutts… John Willie

21 08 2014

You can guess why his nickname is John Willie. A world of fetishism, bondage, and other isms that I am not aware. It is a fantasy world, not much different than Hallmark, but it is part of the human experience. The silly part.

John Willie1 John Willie2 John Willie3 John Willie4 John Willie5 John Willie6 John Willie7 John Willie8 John Willie9

prairie dogs 2

21 08 2014

prairie dogs2by David Halliday

Natasha thinks the girls in the picture are stupid…

21 08 2014

Natasha thinks the girls in the picture are stupid..by David Halliday


21 08 2014

Marjac is a Belgian collage artist. His work is playfull. Fun. He has a wicket sense of  humour. There is no pretense to his work. Of course his sight is in French and my French is limited. But I like this guy.

margac1 margac2 margac3marjac-3 marjac4 marjac-5 marjac6

Jonathan Talbot

21 08 2014

Jonathan Talbot has had a huge influence on collage work. He has  created several new techniques to create collages, the products of which are better appreciated in a gallery or live than they are in photographs. They strike me as being very academic. In fact you can see their influence in many art school presentations.

Jonathan Talbot1 Jonathan Talbot2 Jonathan Talbot3 Jonathan Talbot4 Jonathan Talbot5 Jonathan Talbot6 Jonathan Talbot7 Jonathan Talbot8

flesh and blood 2

21 08 2014

flesh and blood2by david halliday