her name was gorgeous herman

12 08 2014

her name was gorgeous herman

Gretchen’s ecstasy

12 08 2014

Gretchen's ecstasyby David Halliday


12 08 2014

I find this artist’s near obsession with black birds both unsettling and interesting. A friend of mine became obsessed with feathers and the coincidence of their appearances. Lalocabrujita.

lalocabrujita1 lalocabrujita2 lalocabrujita3 lalocabrujita4 lalocabrujita5 lalocabrujita6 lalocabrujita7 lalocabrujita8 lalocabrujita9 lalocabrujita10

Dolbert goes to Hollywood

12 08 2014

Dolbert goes to HollywoodLike most of us, this was an accident.


by David Halliday