Arthur Sarnoff

10 08 2014

Its Americana. From boy scouts to dogs playing pool, from cocktail parties to nude modelling. Sarnoff’s work seems right out of the world of Mad Men. It was a simpler time. Since it never really existed. Is it art? Its something.


Arthur Sarnoff1 Arthur Sarnoff2 Arthur Sarnoff3 Arthur Sarnoff4 Arthur Sarnoff5 Arthur Sarnoff6 Arthur Sarnoff7 Arthur Sarnoff8 Arthur Sarnoff9 Arthur Sarnoff10 ArthurSarnoffBeerAdBaja



2 responses

11 08 2014

Ah, for the good ol days of the 1950s, when men were all handsome and square-jawed, women were all gorgeous and Dcups, and the threat of nuclear war hung heavy in the air…

11 08 2014
David Halliday

We used to have air raid sirens go off periodically in our area. But no one ever knew where the sirens came from. Squirrels maybe.

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