a pipe in the tummy

7 08 2014

a pipe in the tummymy favourite cooking show

Mark Lazenby

7 08 2014

Below you will read some of Lazenby’s appreciators. I like his work. Some of it. He takes any bits of paper and tries to make art out of them. And he never tries to disguise the fact that they are bits of trash. In other pieces he cuts out churches (for example) and replaces them with sky or other buildings etc. Sometimes these work wonderfully. Sometimes they do not.

“One of the few people working with collage who continually pushes the barrier” Brian Grimwood

“Mark creates visual symphonies out of discarded bits of paper. One of my favorite illustrators working today. Stunning work that is beautiful and surprising” John Gall (Vice President & Art Director Vintage Books)

“I think Mark has some very interesting things going on in his work and has a good touch with the materials” Cecil Touchon

“Lazenby has turned an otherwise idiosyncratic habit of collecting ‘beautiful scraps of paper’ into an artistic talent” Nylon

“Mark has really found his own language, and stylistically he is pushing it … all good risky stuff” Brian Grimwood

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We should bring in another one…

7 08 2014

We should bring in another one..The Swiss Chalet of torture. Bush and Chaney.