Bunny Yeager

27 05 2014

She was a model and a photographer of cheese cake photos. Difficult to think what people will think of this work a hundred years from now. Or even now.

Bunny Yeage2 Bunny Yeage3 Bunny Yeage4 Bunny Yeage5 Bunny Yeage6 Bunny Yeage7 Bunny Yeage8 Bunny Yeage9 Bunny Yeage10 Bunny Yeager1 bunny_yeager_obit bunny_yeager_t607

an angel from the coast

27 05 2014

an angel from the coastv1Marlene Dietrich and a suburban mall. doesn’t quite fit.

by David Halliday

Mara Kurtz

27 05 2014

Mara Kurtz runs her own design school. She also has a blog that you might find interesting. I like some of her collage work. There is a feel of the ‘Cleavers do cubism’ about them. Although they use some of the tools of the more political/critical collages about them, they are not critical of the American experience. In fact they almost seem neutral toward Amercan culture.

mara kurtz1 mara kurtz2 mara kurtz3 mara kurtz4 mara kurtz5MaraKurtz1 MaraKurtz2