Victor Genova’s Summer Home

23 05 2014

Victor Genova's Summer HomeOne of the least known tyrants in modern history.

by David Halliday

Ken Anbender

23 05 2014

Ken Anbender’s work is wonderful. There is plenty of variety and his use of colour and form is fantastic. At first glance some of the collages seem like surreal paintings but on closer look you can see the cuts. This looks to me like mostly cut and paste. I always read the artist’s statement and come away a little bewildered. They sound so high minded. Mr. Anbender’s is no different. But his work is terrific stuff.

KenAnbender1 KenAnbender2 KenAnbender3 KenAnbender4 KenAnbender5 KenAnbender6

they were just there…

23 05 2014

They were just... there v2