terrors by day

20 05 2014

the terrors by daythe man in the picture is a good friend of mine. He just found out that he might be losing his hair.

by David Halliday

Robert Magginetti

20 05 2014

I like Robert Magginetti’s work. A lot of it reminds me of traditional collages that I cut my teeth on.

Robert Magginetti1 Robert Magginetti2 Robert Magginetti3 Robert Magginetti4Roger Maginetti1 Roger Maginetti2 Roger Maginetti3 Roger Maginetti4 Roger Maginetti5

the mall

20 05 2014

The MallAs i waddle through the net I find a lot of people quoting other people who are trying very hard to be clever. (ie. Oscar Wilde) Quoting lines that are supposed to be keys, insights into some universal truth. But they strike me as mere signs, ‘that mostly say hooray for our signs’. Wisdom is not skin cream.