Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney’s apartment 1967

11 05 2014

Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney's apartment 1967

Pascale Taurus

11 05 2014

Intimacy met with iconic. We have a glimpse inside what we have already experienced. I can’t tell if the images are posed or real. Maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe its all about the ambiguity between art and product.

Pascale Taurus1 Pascale Taurus2 Pascale Taurus3 Pascale Taurus4 Pascale Taurus5 Pascale Taurus6 Pascale Taurus7 Pascale Taurus8 Pascale Taurus9

one thing that she loved was flattery…

11 05 2014

one thing that she loved was flattery...love the Kinks

by David Halliday