Wangechi Mutu

11 04 2014

My goodness this artist’s work is beautiful. And interesting. Each work is a surprise. Like finding a different species of butterfly. Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu1 Wangechi Mutu2 Wangechi Mutu3 Wangechi Mutu Wangechi Mutu5 Wangechi Mutu6 Wangechi Mutu44 Wangechi_Mutu_1273030269_2 wangechi_mutu_indurated wangechi_mutu2 wangechi_mutu3 wangechi_mutu4 wangechi_mutu5 wangechi-mutu1 Wangechi-Mutu-6 Wangechi-Mutu-17 wangechi-mutu-L-4 wangechi-mutu-photographed-by-liebovitz-for-vogua

the conquest of space

11 04 2014

The Conquest of Spacein memory of the recent scandal in Canada of the Canadian government involving Mike Duffy and PM Harper.

by David Halliday