Annie Leibovitz

3 04 2014

I love this woman’s work. Many of her shots look like staged collages. Instead of cut and paste she uses props and costumes. You can go through her work and marvel at its quantity and quality. Annie Leibovitz. Her name looks like a photograph.

AnnieLeibovitz1 AnnieLeibovitz2 AnnieLeibovitz3 AnnieLeibovitz4 AnnieLeibovitz5 AnnieLeibovitz6

He saw it coming

3 04 2014

He saw it coming..My father named me David Gearld Halliday. Dad was pretty excited when I was born and spelling wasn’t his strength. In my twenties, I changed Gearld to Gerald. I wish I hadn’t.

by David Halliday

Gerardo Sirolli

3 04 2014

I am not hugely knocked out by this work, but I do like any manipulation of images. Sometimes they are clever, sometimes humorous. I’m always on the lookout for ideas, new ways of looking at things. And of course Marilyn Monroe. Gerardo Sirolli.

Gerardo Sirolli1 Gerardo Sirolli2 Gerardo Sirolli3 Gerardo Sirolli4 Gerardo Sirolli5 Gerardo Sirolli6 Gerardo Sirolli7 Gerardo Sirolli8 Gerardo Sirolli9