Ara Mikeaelian

1 04 2014

His work appears to be a series of still lifes. But they are collages. Images placed against each other. Whether they have any more significance than beauty is not clear to me.

Ara Mikaelian  (5) Ara Mikaelian  (9) Ara Mikaelian  (10) Ara Mikaelian  (14) ara Mikeaelian2 ara Mikeaelian3 ara Mikeaelian4 ara Mikeaelian6 ara Mikeaelian7 ara Mikeaelian8 Ara_Mikaelian_Leda_OilonCanvas_97x130cm

Girl inside the yellow Chevy

1 04 2014

Girl inside the yellow chevyI don’t drive. The automobile for me is a piece of sculpture.

by David Halliday