Dan Voinea

28 03 2014

As if a tornado had found its way into your memories. Realities blending and coming apart. The psyche in a rift. Dan Voinea.


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‘and I won’t back down’

27 03 2014

And I won't back downI became a fan of Tom Petty. Especially his song about rebellion. And I won’t back down.

by David Halliday



Stephen Rothwell

27 03 2014

Stephen Rothwell is a romantic. He has taken the horrors of the industrial revolution and made it sentimental. The muted colours remind you of oil, and old rags, and coal. The work makes Victorian England, especially the industrial wastelands, seem like a wonderful experience.



rothwell1 rothwell2 rothwell3 rothwell4Stephen Rothwell - Golden Stephen Rothwell1 Stephen Rothwell2 Stephen Rothwell3 Stephen Rothwell4 Stephen Rothwell5

An afternoon at Yarmouth

27 03 2014

An Afternoon at YarmouthThe culture of the beach is something that has only appeared in the last hundred years or so. I have wondered if the same worship would exist on other planets.

by David Halliday

A late lunch

26 03 2014

A late lunchA mixture of eras. What my daughters used to call random. Which is a commentary on time. And deja vous.

by David Halliday

Erwin Olaf

26 03 2014

Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer.  A lot of his work has the qualities that you find in a lot of collage work, that is the fantastic, the placement of odd images next to each other, humour, the absurd.

erwin olaf erwin_olaf_-_cena_in_emmaus erwin-olaf-11 erwin-olaf-1358114161_b erwin-olaf-de-la-mar-three-sisters Erwin-Olaf-Le-Dernier-Cri-Portrait-FF20111

Erwin_Olaf_-_5 Erwin_Olaf_1 Erwin_Olaf_2 Erwin_Olaf_-3 Erwin_Olaf_-4

Dick and Sarah go hunting

25 03 2014

Dick and Sarah go huntingTwo iconic figures in American politics. One infinitely stupid. The other infinitely evil.

by David Halliday