Claes Oldenburg

31 03 2014

You can’t help but smile, maybe laugh, when you see Oldenburg’s work. There is the ‘how dare he’ reaction. Or ‘is it art’ question. I myself have no idea how to react. Except that as you drive almost anywhere in North America (and perhaps elsewhere) you see these giant versions of smaller objects. Outside Detroit, on the way west, there is a giant tire. Outside Leamington Ontario, there is I believe a giant tomato. If you travel north of Toronto towards Huntsville, there is a giant Adirondack chair.

Is it all art? Or is it just Oldenburg’s work? Hardly seems fair.

Claes Oldenburg1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Claes Oldenburg3 Claes Oldenburg4 Claes Oldenburg5 Claes Oldenburg6 Claes Oldenburg7 Claes Oldenburg8



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13 05 2014

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