A late lunch

26 03 2014

A late lunchA mixture of eras. What my daughters used to call random. Which is a commentary on time. And deja vous.

by David Halliday

Erwin Olaf

26 03 2014

Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer.  A lot of his work has the qualities that you find in a lot of collage work, that is the fantastic, the placement of odd images next to each other, humour, the absurd.

erwin olaf erwin_olaf_-_cena_in_emmaus erwin-olaf-11 erwin-olaf-1358114161_b erwin-olaf-de-la-mar-three-sisters Erwin-Olaf-Le-Dernier-Cri-Portrait-FF20111

Erwin_Olaf_-_5 Erwin_Olaf_1 Erwin_Olaf_2 Erwin_Olaf_-3 Erwin_Olaf_-4