Frank Kortan

13 03 2014

Frank Kortan is from that rich surrealist tradition of Dali. His work is plastic, amusing, rich in deep colours, and accomplished. You can spend a lot of time in each of his pieces. Like a four course meal.

Frank Kortan1 Frank Kortan2 Frank Kortan3 Frank Kortan4 Reproduktion:  noris-repro GmbH ¥  90449 NŸrnberg  Germany etwas heller

Andrew Mamo

13 03 2014

I love this guy’s work. It’s as if you superimposed the fantastic upon ambiance. I love the use of landscape in his work. And the monochrome colours.  It works well with turn of the century (19th to 20th) cityskapes.

Andrew Mamo1 Andrew Mamo2 Andrew Mamo3 Andrew Mamo4andrew mamo5 andrew mamo7 andrew mamo8 AndrewMamo andrew-mamo3

A nickel in your pocket

13 03 2014

a nickel in your pocketSometimes you create things and you have no idea what they mean. Maybe more than sometimes.

by David Halliday