Max Beckman

11 03 2014

Each of his canvasses is like a novel. Filled with personalities, situations, relationships. His use of the triptych is very interesting.

max beckmann triptych-of-the-temptation-of-st-anthony-1937 Max Beckmann; The Night better, 1919 max beckmann1 max beckmann2 max beckmann3 max beckmann4 max beckmann5 max beckmann6 Max Beckmann-458674

A Dazzling Party

11 03 2014

I love the pastel colours. They’re so scrumptious. But it doesn’t look like a party. More like a wake.

Good-Time Girls

11 03 2014

Loaded with cliches about the 50s. But not enough cigarette smoke, pool, and condoms.

A flower in a burger joint

11 03 2014

a flower in a burger jointv2Like a visual drunken stupor. But that’s the way it blows in Toronto.

by David Halliday

Erin Case

11 03 2014

His work is primitive, almost stark. The images spark the imagination. Or a smile. Erin Case.

Erin Case1 Erin Case2 Erin Case3 erin case4 erin case5 erin case6 erin case7 erin case8 Erin-Case1 erin-case2

Text Talk

11 03 2014

Based on soap opera, or ‘B’ movies these scenes are wonderful to look at.