Girl in the golden earrings

2 03 2014

girl in the golden earingsA title that is wrong. The girl has no earrings. Plus I misspelled them. Which I caught but decided that I liked the single ‘r’ spelling better.

by David Halliday

If you are in a shell

2 03 2014

Sunday morning coming down… break out

lyubomir sergeev

2 03 2014

His images are stark, unexpected. lyubomir sergeev is a contrarian. With a wicked sense of humor and horror.
Hasselblad Photographer Lyubomir Sergeev The Master Storyteller
lyubomir sergeev1 lyubomir sergeev2 lyubomir sergeev3 lyubomir sergeev4 lyubomir sergeev5 lyubomir sergeev6 lyubomir sergeev7 lyubomir sergeev8 lyubomir sergeev9