Kathe Kollwitz

1 03 2014

So much of her work has to do with suffering. Especially women and children. During and after the war.

Kathe Kollwitz1 Kathe Kollwitz2 Kathe Kollwitz4 Kathe Kollwitz5 Kathe Kollwitz6 Kathe Kollwitz7 Kathe Kollwitz8 Kathe-Kollwitz-drawing-on-violence Kathe-Kollwitz-Museum-007397810_imagno

Girl in the red dress

1 03 2014

Girl in the red dress Once again a collage of styles (abstract and realism), perspectives, colour and black & white. The idea of making a collage resemble a painting intrigues me. Or maybe I’m just envious of Ed Kuris, an artist friend of mine.