head on a beach

28 02 2014


head on a beachThe clash between the surreal and the real. Between hard edge and realism. Between the painting and photograph. How much of our world is real? The squirrels and the flooded basements.

by David Halliday

Ruth Thorne-Thomson

28 02 2014

Ms. Thorne-Thomson uses a pin-hole camera and collages to create some interesting images. It is as in the beginning of photography (the 19th Century) the world was surreal.

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen (born in New York City) has described her work as “environmental collage.” Since 1976 she has worked extensively with the pinhole camera and paper negatives to achieve soft-focus effects. She often incorporates into her images handmade miniature props (cardboard silhouettes, cones, pyramids, and ships), constructing mythic tableaux that recall forms and fragments from antiquity, as well as 20th-century surrealism.

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