Tamara de Lempicka

23 02 2014

She was a flapper. Spoiled, rich, and talented she did everything to excess. But like Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”, is there anything there?

tamara de Lempicka1 tamara de Lempicka2 tamara de Lempicka3 tamara de Lempicka6 tamara de Lempicka7 tamara de Lempicka8 Microsoft Word - Tamara de Lempicka - NY, Spring 2012.docx tamara de Lempicka10 tamara de Lempicka11 tamara de Lempicka12 tamara de Lempicka13 Tamara_de_Lempicka5



Misha Gordin

23 02 2014

Gordin’s work is stark and startling. One feels that one has stepped into another’s psyche. That one is on the inside of a face looking out.

Misha Gordin2 Misha Gordin3 Misha Gordin4 Misha Gordin5 Misha Gordin6 Misha Gordin7 Misha Gordon1MGordin1 MGordin2 MGordin3