I told you, I’m over him

22 02 2014

I told you, I'm over him..by David Halliday

One of the more important parts of my work and most collagists that I’ve seen is the ‘title’. A lot of times it is whimsical. Some times a line from a song I happen to be listening to at that time. Or, as is the case in this point, it comes right out of the collage.

Jerry Uelsmann

22 02 2014

Uelsmann work looks like a precursor for all the fabulous images coming out of people’s minds using photoshop. But Uelsman used a camera and the darkroom. His work has had a huge affect on many artists, myself included.

Uelsman1 Uelsman2Jerry Uelsmann4 Jerry Uelsmann6 Jerry Uelsmann10 Jerry Uelsmann11 JerryUelsmann5 JerryUelsmann6 JerryUelsmann7 JerryUelsmann8 JerryUelsmann9