The Honeymooners

16 02 2014

The Honeymoonersby David Halliday

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

16 02 2014

His work is frantic. As if he were painting with his heart racing. His life was as tumultuous as his work. He volunteered to serve in the arm during WW1. He suffered a breakdown and was discharged. For the rest of his life he spent some time in asylums. In 1933 the Nazis branded his work as degenerate. A few years later over 600 of his works were destroyed. In 1938 he committed suicide.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner1 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner3 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner4 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner5 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner6 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner7 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner8 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner61 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner81 Ernst_Ludwig_Kirchner_-_Nollendorfplatz