David Halliday February 2013 WEEK ONE

27 01 2014

smallA Dead Rat On A Saturday Night smallA Dutch Girl in California smallA Girl and a Room smallA girl and her lover smallA walk in the park smallBeachbums smallBeached Mermaid smallBehind the green door smallCooperstown smallDark Streets

rodolfo opazo bernales

27 01 2014

Sculptural paintings. Whisps. Or clouds. Lovely to look at. And loot for ideas.

rodolfo opazo bernales1 rodolfo opazo bernales2 rodolfo opazo bernales3 rodolfo opazo bernales4 rodolfo opazo bernales6 rodolfo opazo bernales7

Afnulf Rainer

27 01 2014

A distinct style. Much of his work is a demolition or defacing of the photographic/painting image. What this proves I am not sure.

arnulf_rainer_730x440 Arnulf_Rainer_AR083_72 arnulf_rainer5Afnulf Rainer1 A Nose Adjustment (Face Farce) 1971 by Arnulf Rainer born 1929 Afnulf Rainer3 Afnulf Rainer6 Afnulf Rainer7 Ausstellung MARIO MERZ - ARNULF RAINER eršffnet am 25. Mai im Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden