365 People: Day 35 – Andy Goldsworthy

5 01 2014

I’ve always liked this kind of work but could never imagine doing it myself.

Pavel Tchelitchew

5 01 2014

Pavel Tchelitchew is a Russian surrealist. He has a peculiar view of surrealism. Some of his work seems out of the 40s while other work looks like it could have been done last summer.

Pavel Tchelitchew1 Pavel Tchelitchew2 Pavel Tchelitchew3 Pavel Tchelitchew4 IMG_1430 Pavel Tchelitchew6 Pavel_Tchelitchew6 Pavel_Tchelitchew8


TateShots: Gary Hume

5 01 2014

fascinating artist who looks like a shoe clerk. I like his use of color and the kind of paint he works with.

Gary Hume1 Gary Hume2 Gary Hume3

FM&D - postgrad blog

another wonderful piece from the TateShots collection about a fascinating artist.

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