Erqi Luo

31 01 2014

Erqi Luo of China has used beautiful colours and dark/light to give his work a 3 d feel. Or at least a notion of relief. He has a very nice feel for the medium. But the one thing that pops out at me is that they are not political. I suppose we can guess the reason why.

Erqi Luo1 Erqi Luo2 Erqi Luo3 Erqi Luo4 Erqi Luo5 Erqi Luo6 Erqi Luo7 Erqi Luo8 Erqi Luo10

Andreas Richter

31 01 2014

His portraits seem cool. His landscapes are filled with metaphors. A very complicated artist. Everything is  a struggle.

Andreas Richter1 Andreas Richter2 Andreas Richter3 Andreas Richter4 Andreas Richter5 Andreas Richter6 Andreas Richter7

Bernard Buffet

30 01 2014

His work is edgy, sardonic, political and at times funny. Even his style seems to be a send up. His range is huge but I must confess that I find some of his work… bourgeois. I might find it in my dentist’s office.

Bernard Buffet1 bernard buffet2 bernard buffet3 bernard buffet4 39-15-09/58 bernard buffet6 Bernard Buffet, 1955 /Dmitri Kessel /sc

Rainer Augur

30 01 2014

His stories are wonderful. Colours are vibrant. Listed at being a German artist but his work looks like it was painted in an American city, or perhaps Toronto.

Rainer Augur1 Rainer Augur2 Rainer Augur2a Rainer Augur3 Rainer Augur4 Rainer Augur5 Rainer Augur6 Rainer Augur7

Flight of the Valkyries

29 01 2014

Flight of the Valkyries‘Flight of the Valkyries’ by David Halliday

I felt whimsical.

Peter Blume

28 01 2014

He has a hodgepodge of styles. All interesting. Every piece is a story. Some easily accessible. Others a maze.

Peter Blume1 peter blume2 peter blume3 peter blume4 peter blume5 peter blume6 peter blume7 peter blume8

Michael Parkes

28 01 2014

Michael Parkes’ work is obviously beautiful and well crafted. And I’m tempted to say something negative. Just can’t come up with anything. Fantasy literature does not interest me at all. But Parkes’ art is lovely.

Michael Parkes1 Michael Parkes2 Michael Parkes3 Michael Parkes4 Michael Parkes5 Michael Parkes6